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Veeda Laptop Backpack - Black

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Veeda laptop backpack is a lightweight and simple bag to hold your laptop and other valuables in‎.‎ It has various compartments that will keep your mobile phones‎,‎ Hard disk drive‎,‎ and stationery‎.‎ There is also enough room for notepads and both‎,‎ a couple of shirts if you are always on the road and your large screen laptop‎.‎ They will all fit in comfortably‎;‎ the bag is tough enough to withstand all forms pressures exerted by the load in it‎.‎ The straps are very sturdy and well‎-padded for easy carrying‎.‎ It is imperative to put your laptops and related accessories into a secured bag to help protect them during your everyday hustle‎.‎
Veeda laptop backpack has been designed with proper cushioning around your laptop‎,‎ it has an easy slip‎-in‎-slip‎-out case with elastic strap‎.‎ This highly versatile bag has a water bottle holder‎,‎ a front zip pocket for smaller items and at least 10 other compartments‎.‎ Isn’t that amazing‎?‎ They are made of high quality materials‎,‎ strong zips so that you can get value for your money‎.‎ The straps are so comfortable even your shoulder will be happy to carry it all day‎.‎ There is more than enough room for not just your laptop but for your chargers‎,‎ mobile phones‎,‎ accessories‎,‎ files and chargers‎.‎ This bag is the perfect way to carry your laptops and also to make the perfect statement of style‎.‎

Padded straps for easy carrying‎.‎
Water bottle holder‎.‎
Front zip pocket for smaller items‎.‎
Laptop compartments

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